Progressive Vojvodina Action

Progressive Vojvodina Action

We live in a country with the greatest inequalities in Europe, where a huge number of people suffer from a lack of basic living needs.

Income below the subsistence minimum, inaccessible drinking water, polluted air.

Endangered health without the possibility of adequate treatment, inhumane housing conditions.

We are unequal before the law. The ruling elite is privileged in economic, political, and public life.

We live in a state of the disturbed legal system and democratic system of government.

Serbia has been kidnapped from its citizens, the autonomy of Vojvodina is just an empty shell.

We, therefore, invite all the disenfranchised to join us in the common struggle. Because the fight against all kinds of inequality is one of the basic goals.

Progressive Vojvodina Action

We will suppress inequalities by investing in quality jobs, by raising the price of labor.

With investments in education, public health, infrastructure, environmentally friendly energy sources.

Reform of the legal and political system is a precondition for solving the problem of a dysfunctional state.

Through new laws on the political system and territorial organization.

Fair election law, judicial reform will ensure the more direct election of representatives to all government bodies, transparent work of institutions.

To lay the foundations for the decentralization and regionalization of Serbia and the true autonomy of Vojvodina.

Efficient and impartial work of courts.